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      The Writers' Workshoppe is a resource place for writers. We offer daily writing workshops -over twelve a week. Some workshops meet on a weekly basis, others are weekend intensives. Some are facilitated, some are not. Our instructors come from all over-we've been honored to have Dorothy Allison, Kim Stafford, Pam Houston, Lidia Yuknavitch, Gary Lilley & many, many more!-click on the ''instructors'' tab to see them all. All of our workshops give a writer more tools to expand their writing into the shape of their dreams. Our goal is that each writer leaves a workshop still wanting to write & still desiring to grow as a writer. Feedback is given in the spirit of drawing out the essence & voice of the artist & is given in a respectful & useful manner. Every artist reaches a point where they intuitively know they have something more to learn and in a strong workshop great things can happen. We've seen it, over and over again.

      We also sell fun writerly stuff.We try not to take ourselves too seriously because well, that's exactly the kind of thing that clogs our writing & makes us cranky. So, we've got tee-shirts that say things like, ''I Make Stuff Up'' & ''Revise, you know you want to,'' & greeting cards & postcards about writing that make you laugh out loud. Oh, and there's our famous Writers' Block Chocolate & Coffee made locally in Port Townsend-items that have proven to open even the most blocked vein.