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      Here is a brief overview of Team Jefferson's objectives, strategic priorities, and programming.

      Mission: To retain current jobs and develop new jobs by growing our local economy

      Strategic Priorities:
      1) Set a new tone - focus on assets/ encourage collaboration / be business friendly.
      2) Build credibility - manage EDC professionally, convene, facilitate, and support.

      Programmatic Themes:
      1) Energize Entrepreneurs: Innovation is the key to the new economy. 90% of rural jobs in the last two decades developed by existing businesses. Focus on assets of current core businesses and clusters. Entrepreneurship can be taught and mentored; self-employment is higher paying and locally owned business are more stable.
      2) Attract and keep young emerging workforce and entrepreneurs: An aging demographic needs to focus on efforts to recruit and grow a new high-skills/high-wages workforce and young entrepreneurial families. We recognize that the skill base of the new economy is a technology-friendly generation. We need to plan now to replace an aging workforce, and ensure continued success of businesses with owners nearing retirement.
      3) Develop community reinvestment strategies: Access to capital is critical. Businesses need start-up and expansion funds. We are working to capture community wealth for local reinvestment.
      4) Encourage collaboration: Convene, facilitate and coach. Team Jefferson brings together diverse economic development groups, fosters community leadership programs, recognizes the need for broad-based collaboration, and encourages team work.