• Small Business Marketing & Development Grants

    Chamber of Jefferson County
    Community Development Fund
    Small Business Marketing & Development Grants


    Funds for this grant come from the Chamber’s Community Development Fund program which is funded through a percentage of each membership investment at the Chamber. We are investing in your business and our community.

    The purpose of this program is to facilitate small business revitalization, expansion, market expansion and other expansion geared toward long-term sustainability and stimulation of the local economy.  The grant funds are to be used exclusively for marketing the business in comprehensive campaigns.

    There will be a cash distribution of up to $3500, for up to three successful applicants along with a one-year Chamber membership or upgrade to next membership tier for existing members along with extensive Chamber marketing of your success.  No memberships in any organization are necessary to apply for this grant.  Small Business is defined for the purposes of this grant as one with 8 or less employees.


    Grant Application Contact:

    Chamber Executive Director/Administrative Assistant – admin@jeffcountychamber.org


    The Chamber Community Development Fund Small Business & Development Grant will be awarded to businesses located in Jefferson County with funds to be used exclusively for Marketing the business or 501 (c) (3), expanding or creating an ecommerce presence, website creation, rebranding, expanding business marketing reach or market segments or marketing a specific new program.  It cannot be used for administrative purposes, staffing, operations, or any non-marketing or retroactive marketing activities.

    Types of projects eligible:

    We will award grants to implement projects such as:

    • Plan and implement a comprehensive marketing campaign
    • Build a website and introduce or expand social/digital marketing strategies
    • Add eCommerce to your current website and marketing strategies
    • Redesign and print materials in your current or new marketing plan to complement digital assets
    • Redesign and deploy new digital assets to supplement current or revised print campaigns

    Brand or Re-Brand your business or organization

    Eligible projects are those that are intended to expand client/customer base, markets, audiences, diversification, or resources related to marketing your business along with enhancing our community. Projects that include collaboration with other local businesses or organizations are encouraged.

    Types of projects not eligible: 

    • Anywhere these funds would be a direct subsidy of an existing grant or loan
    • Political activities or campaigns     
    • Operational deficits or capital projects     
    • Debt retirement      
    • Construction or capital projects.

    Application Process

    • Applicant must complete and submit a Grant proposal which includes all components listed on attached application.
      The proposal includes detailed information about the need for the project, goals and plan of action, budget, timeline, and projected return on investment.
    • If application is successful, a memorandum of agreement which clearly states the objectives, plans and outcomes will be executed. 
      If further information is necessary for clarification on your project during this process, it may be requested per this memorandum of agreement.
    • Applications will be reviewed by designated representatives of the Chamber of Jefferson County Board of Directors.
      • Proposals will be evaluated on:
        • Completeness and clarity
        • Significance to business and community
        • Action plan- well defined and tied to stated goals.
        • Likelihood of success – how feasible is the project in terms of time, budget requests and resources.
    • Completed applications will be submitted by email only to admin@jeffcountychamber.org  on or before September 28, 2022. Awardees will be notified by October 12, 2022.