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  • WA State Contract Opportunity - 30 possible contracts

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    Subject: COVID-19 Emergency Language & Outreach Services Funding Opportunity
    Importance: High
    *Please share this email widely with your networks and contacts—thank you*
    Dear Community Partner,
    As part of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) statewide response, the Washington State Department of Health has limited funding available to assist with the effects of the disease and overall response. This funding will be used for Emergency Language and Outreach Services. Please note that you may receive this message more than once due to cross-posting.
    Website: https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/NovelCoronavirusOutbreak2020COVID19/CommunityContracts
    Eligible entities: Community-based, community-rooted, community-led organizations and Tribal governments. Recipients can be non-profit organizations or small and diverse businesses located in Washington state.
    Funding: Up to $30,000 per contract.
    Purpose: These contracts are to ensure that communities who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 have access to the same critical health and safety information as the rest of the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    What it will include: The contractor will provide emergency language and outreach services and ensure messaging is culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate. The contractor will focus all efforts on communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and the response to the pandemic, with an intentional focus on reaching culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
    The messages, materials, products, and dissemination channels will be in the format as decided by the contractor that is most appropriate for the community. The contractor will share completed products with the Washington State Department of Health for sharing with other communities (as relevant) across the state.
    Example activities (contractors choose where to focus)
    • Translate existing COVID-19 response materials
    • Create original, community-specific materials
    • Develop audio and video recordings of key COVID-19 information
    • Provide interpretation services for Department of Health COVID-19 events or response
    Community events
    • Organize online/virtual in-language community meetings, listening sessions, or Facebook Live events

    • Disseminate culturally and linguistically appropriate COVID-19 messages via mail, radio, TV, online community networking services, or other channels
    If you are interested in being considered for this funding opportunity, please fill out the  information sheet and email DOH-CETF@doh.wa.gov. If you need this information in an alternative format, please let us know.
    You can submit an information sheet even if you are pending board or other approval considerations. Please just note this in your application for our awareness.
    Contracts are up to $30,000 each and we anticipate awarding at least 17 awards.
    • Interested organizations and businesses submit information sheets for consideration by:
      • 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 26, OR
      • 11:59 PM on Sunday, May 3
    • Due to the urgency of the situation, the Department of Health will begin reviewing applications on April 27, and will continue to receive and review applications through May 3. Interested organizations and businesses are encouraged to apply early.
    • The Department of Health will review all information sheets and will contact finalists for more information about outreach activities and budget.
    • All applicants can expect to hear from the Department of Health by Saturday, May 23.
    Please check the website for info sheet, more information, updates, frequently asked questions, and award announcements.
    COVID-19 Community Engagement Taskforce
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