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  • COVID-19 how it's changing our businesses

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    Kris Nelson, of the Old Whiskey Mill, Alchemy Bistro, Sirens Pub and the In-Between had this to say of her current challenges: “How has this affected my team and businesses? TREMENDOUSLY. The In-Between is closed and all the other restaurants are only open for takeout/curbside/delivery service. Dr. Locke, a lead Public Health authority in the area, has recommended that people still rely on restaurants to help provide the essential need of meals and fresh food. We are seeing a fraction of typical sales. I am choosing to be open for small employee team that remains and to provide them jobs, although each day costs us. A positive right now is that I am coming up with creative ideas to serve the community and support my employees: the most recent exciting program through Alchemy Bistro is “Cocktails on Wheels!” You can order drinks and have them made right there on your porch!”

    Speaking of innovative ideas and finding hope amidst this crisis, 
    Shannon Kennedy and Hector Castilla, new owners of Pizza Factory, said, “Pizza Factory is taking a positive approach! First and foremost, we are keeping an 
    extremely clean restaurant and following all protocols set forth by the CDC. This has affected our team in a difficult way including 8 employee layoffs and reduced hours for the few employees we are able to keep on. With all of this in mind, we feel the best approach we can take to this difficult time is being positive and spreading some love around! We have started #GoodDeedFriday, the intention of this is to give back to our community every Friday to make sure everyone knows they are appreciated and supported now more than ever. Reach out with any questions to porttownsend@pizzafactory.com
    or 360-385-7223.

    A common thread running through the business community is perseverance. While challenges are many, but our local businesses are showcasing the thoughtfulness, care, ingenuity, and creativity that is part of the spirit of Port Townsend. 
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