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  • Chimacum Corner Farmstand Has a New Approach

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    Going into this Covid panemic Chimacum Corner Farmstand was a small bustling grocery and nursery beloved for its social intimate ambience. Overnight, all that urgently needed to change. Owned by two physicians who take public health and serving their community very seriously, the store closed for 2 days while the business was dramatically redesigned to achieve social distancing, food safety, and curbside & home delivery services. It was a crazy couple of weeks, but after settling into a new normal with shortened hours and an increased staff, things are running smoothly. Sales are up despite fewer shoppers with many new appreciative customers. Rather than just wishing this were over, general manager, Rob Story, is taking the long view. “We are learning new ways to serve the community which can be continued into the future. Never, have our local farmers & producers been proven more essential
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